text4all project

text4all Customizer

Customizer allows user to adapt a given web site by customizing some style attributes (like background color, text color & size, spacing and others). In this way a user can customize the look of a web site to make it fit his needs. It also proposes some predefined settings like LowVision (based on the styles created by Silas S. Brown) and DysWebxia (more details bellow).

text4all Terminology Interpreter

Terminology Interpreter is a tool designed to recognize and explain specialized terminology within a text (raw text or a web site). It recognizes terminology both in the canonical and inflected form by using fuzzy string matching and others NLP techniques. Currently it only works for English and Romanian Medical Language. For the medical language some extented work and user studies were perfomed by the author and prof. Vasile Stoicu-Tivadar.

text4all DysWebxia

DysWebxia is a tool and a set of styles designed to enhance readability on existing web sites for users with dyslexia. The settings used for adaptation are based on extensive user studies (including methods based on eye tracking) done by Luz Rello, in her research on dyswebxia (also the term "DysWebxia" was created by Luz).


Users should be aware that text4all, as a mediator between the original web site and the user, does not forward nor manage any type of credentials. Thus users of text4all should not login nor authenticate on any web site adapted (mediated) by text4all. The author of text4all is not responsible for any consequences of authentication done by users in these conditions. Also, the author is not responseble for any erros on web site adaptation nor error on terminology interpretation.